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Wolves of the desert March ’18

► Explore the desert focusing on wolves, their habitat and the wildlife of 3 different desert environments.

With predators ecologist Dr. Haim Berger, wildlife expert Amir Balaban and locals…

► A week program of Desert tours & lectures by experienced local wildlife experts

► Hiking & 4×4, day & full moon night tours

► Desert hiking with a Bedouin local guide


Full program:

 Sunday 25.3 – Sde Boker
17:00 Introduction lecture & 4×4 night tour with Dr. Haim Berger.

Monday 26.3– Sde Boker
05:00 Sunrise 4×4 tour to the Tzin vally and springs.
18:00 Night 4×4 tour with Dr. Berger.

Tuesday 27.3
Day and night hike to Kina wadi with Suleiman- a local Bedouin tracker and Udi – desert tour guide.

Wednesday 28.3 – 05:30*
The Judea Desert wildlife tour – Abir Balaban
The tour will include encounters with mammals in Ein Gedi Nature reserve and its Canyons hold an abundance of Rock Hyrax & ibex. The concentration of animal activity has great potential for attracting Red Fox & Arabian wolf.

*We leave Arad at 5:30am, contact us to join in Ein Gedi or along road 90.

 Thursday 29.3 – 04:30*
The Northern Arava Valley wildlife tour – Amir Balaban
The Arava Valley and the Acacia groves are a unique habitat where we will be searching for the Dorcas Gazelle and Arabian wolf & Caracal activity.
In order to find animals you should bring a good pair of personal 10\42 binoculars and preferably a good spotting scope. A small pillow for your Toosh will make you comfortable when we sit quietly and scan…

*We leave Arad at 04:30am, contact us to join along road 90.

Thursday afternoon – Arad
Concluding lecture with Amir Balaban.

 Friday 30.3
Day hike to Tze’elim wadi – Suleiman and Udi


4×4 tour with Dr. Berger – ₪300 ; 3 4×4 tours – ₪770

Amir Balaban’s tour – ₪300 including light lunch

Desert day/night hike – ₪150


10% off for booking 3 tours or more.

4×4 tours begin in Ben Gurion Midrasha / Sde Boker

All other tours begin and end in Arad.


Book now to join the October tour:



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