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Private car tours

“Be a tourist in your own country, travel like a local…”
and is there a better way to do it than having your fun-loving tour guide to drive you around the beauty and history of one of the most fascinating countries in the world?



The private car tour service includes a car or a van designated for touring* (“Eshkol” vehicle), licensed by both ministries of tourism and transport as an official touring vehicle.


We plan the tour together according to your interests with my suggestions based on “local knowledge” and the people traveling in your party, to ensure an unforgettable unique trip… your trip.

Having a private tour vehicle driven by me, your guide and tour planner, give us maximum efficiency and flexibility to make the most of your tour.





To get started, fill this form (rates below) :





Tour date/s (if known)


Babies, infants:

Private touring vehicle: ('Eshkol')


Details: (interests, expectations, questions, diet requirements, health issues... )

Details about reduced mobility participants or ones with special needs. My tours are customised for everybody to enjoy.

All the information you send will be used only to make your touring experience better, I ⁠⁠⁠guarantee it won't be shared with anybody.

Rates for (1-4 people, 4 seater car ) :
One day only:  $650
Daily rate:  $625
Luxury car upgrade: + $15 – $35 per day.

,7,10 and 16 Seaters (minibus) quotes on request.

Friday, Saturday (Shabbat) and holidays:
  +$150 per day (weekend rate).

Multi-days tours – 5%-15% discount

Israeli customers +17% V.A.T. (מע”מ)

Price Includes
private personal tour guide for 1-16 persons, private touring vehicle including full insurance, fuel, road tolls, tour planning, booking of sites visits, dining and accommodation if needed.
Price does not include sites admission, meals, accommodation, guide accommodation outside Jerusalem, parking, and tips.

* The touring vehicle (named in Israel “Eshkol” vehicle) is licensed to drive paying passengers, same as a taxi or a bus. In order to obtain the driving license required to drive it I went through extra training and exams to qualify me as a professional driver.

Please remember that the legal requirements are that your guiding driver will be a licensed tour guide, hold a D or D1 driving license, and drive a licensed vehicle (“Eshkol”, taxi, minibus etc.)
Otherwise you and your guide can be fined, and be declined by the insurance in case something happens and you need it.   ^return to top