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Accessible Tours

“Everybody, anywhere.”

accessible-toursEverybody, anywhere” is the motto for my accessible tours, this is the main lesson I’ve learnt while guiding families or groups with at least one guest with a special need of any kind: There is no reason to give up anything, or not go anywhere. Modern technology gives us the tools to get you there, and I have the experience, knowledge and patience to guide you through. 

How does it work?

Like any other private tour, it’s all about planning ahead. We plan together, you give me the information about the guests and I’ll give you suggestions and options accordingly . Simple.

So what next? Contact me and we’ll get your tour going:




Tour date/s (if known)


Babies, infants:

Private touring vehicle: ('Eshkol')


Details: (interests, expectations, questions, diet requirements, health issues... )

Details about reduced mobility participants or ones with special needs. My tours are customised for everybody to enjoy.

All the information you send will be used only to make your touring experience better, I ⁠⁠⁠guarantee it won't be shared with anybody.