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One God – Three Religions

One God - Three Religions - walking tourA walking tour around the old city to see, hear and understand what does Jerusalem mean to Christians, Muslims and Jews.


 A fascinating walking tour through the alleys of the old city and the history of the three monotheists religions of Jerusalem. The tour will give you a broad overview about the way the monotheistic ideas developed into religions and how it was implemented into the city over the years. We will explore the holiest sites and hear about the beliefs and traditions related to them, hear about the way religions interacted and learn about the fragile yet solid balance nowadays.
We’ll hear about Kings and prophets, Emperors and crusaders, Caliphs and Sultans, walking the footpaths of pilgrims, travelers and armies. Jerusalem’s tale is long and complex so here we come to highlight the major events and stories that makes it so fascinating.
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