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Welcome to Israel, the Holy Land
Birthplace of both Judaism and Christianity it is a land once roamed by Abraham, King David and Jesus.
Behold a landscape painted in vibrant desert hues against lush Mediterranean greens and blues. A rich biodiversity is arrayed across a wide variety of terrains. Israel boasts the second largest bird migration throughway in the world.
Ancient civilizations flourished, battled and rebuilt, leaving ruins in the sand as the only testament to their existence.
Israel is the modern homeland of the Jewish people, returned from a twelve hundred year exile to fulfill the Zionist vision; to make the desert bloom into a democratic state. This dream has developed into an innovative high-tech hub.
Teaming with creativity, technology, history and a good sense of humor, Israel is one of the most interesting places in the world. To show the very best that this land has to offer is the very reason that we became tour guides.

We can book your flights, transfer, accommodation, custom plan your tour and have a professional tour guide for you.

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