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privateTell me about your interests & expectations, using my knowledge & experience I’ll take you for a fully customize personal unforgettable trip.


Having a private tour vehicle driven by me, your guide & tour planner, give us maximum efficiency & flexibility to make the most of your tour.Everybody, Anywhere.

Destination: anywhere. Participants: everybody.
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Special – Explore the desert focusing on wolves, their habitat and the wildlife of 3 different desert environments.


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Jerusalem toursI’ve been living in Jerusalem most of my life, spent years studying about it, let me surprise you…


Off the road you’ll find an extensive amount of marked trails and paths giving you first hand experience of the great diversity in Israel’s landscapes.

How would you like to explore the great outdoors?

Let me take care of everything we need out there, if it’s for hours or days you just sit back and enjoy the ride.



Short walk or cross-country trek, in my opinion going by foot gives you the best travel experience. I’m a professional desert hiking tour guide, the hikes I’ll offer you will suit everybody in your group/family.


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